Dropping your pet off at a veterinary clinic for an elective, or non-elective surgical procedure can be a stressful time for you and your pet. The doctors and staff fully understand this, and have put forth protocols to make sure the experience is a happy and peaceful one. Our veteran staff does an excellent job treating your pets as if they were our own.

The night before any anesthetic procedure, we require that no food or medications be given after 9 pm. This includes treats, dental chews, and dietary supplements. You can leave the water out until you first wake up in the morning. These requirements may be modified by your doctor, but we will inform you of this in advance. The receptionist will tell you when you will need to drop your pet off.

Before your pet is brought into the surgery suite, a full pre-surgical evaluation is made in order to put together an anesthetic plan. The plan includes what type of medications, I.V. fluids, and anesthetic protocol is necessary to provide for the safest surgical procedure possible.

During surgery, each patient is closely monitored with state of the art equipment, which allows the staff to keep track of vital signs such as heart rate/rhythm, blood-oxygen level, and blood pressure. Our patients are kept under the watchful eye of both the surgeon and one of our highly skilled veterinary assistants.

After the procedure, a post-surgery plan is put in place. A pain management protocol is tailor-made for each patient, in order to ensure a pain-free recovery. This is based on the type of procedure, age/health of the patient, and level of pain.

As soon as the patient is ready to go home, a time is set for you to pick them up. Take-home instructions are discussed with you regarding what was done, home care instructions, and directions for any medications. Any questions can be answered at that time. For many procedures, the receptionist will set you up with a recheck appointment. This is so the doctor can reevaluate your pet’s condition and ensure there was a full recovery.

By putting all these steps in place, we believe we will provide for the happiest and most peaceful experience for you and your pet.