Not just a Microchip

Last month the staff at Northern Veterinary Associates had the pleasure of meeting a sweet little dog with a remarkable story to tell. She came in with her owner to be examined because she had being missing from home for 10 days. Here is her story….

Tasha is an amazing dog who has a smart, loving family that helped her find her way home when she was lost. She is a three year old pit bull mix, who luckily has a microchip.

The key to her survival was related to her microchip but not in an obvious way. Tasha was being watched at a caretaker’s home about 15 miles from her own home. She accidentally got out of the caretaker’s yard. She ended up in unfamiliar territory and her people were nowhere around.

When Tasha’s family were told about the crisis they immediately called the microchip registry. Thanks to the helpful staff they were advised to use their blankets, towels and clothing at regular intervals between their house and the caretaker’s house. She was lost in a lightly populated area and hopefully she would be able to pick up her family’s scent and make her way home. Her family waited, watched and networked to try and find their beloved Tasha.

After 10 days, the night before Thanksgiving, Tasha made it home all on her own. She had some minor injuries and had lost some weight but she was home and back out of harms way. The happy ending to this story is that micro-chipping your pet is a great way to help get your dog back, whether it is directly or indirectly related to the microchip!