Farewell Emily!

It is with bittersweet excitement that we announce that Emily Bertucci will be moving on from her position as receptionist-veterinary assistant at Northern Veterinary Associates. Emily joined our team as a Senior intern through Westwood High School in the Fall of 2012. Once we knew what kind of student Emily was, her internship quickly developed into a staff position after she graduated in 2013. She worked for us at the same time she was a full time student at Northern Michigan University.  Her versatile abilities and eagerness to learn allowed her to fill both the role of receptionist and veterinary assistant. She turned out to be a valuable member of our team. Emily just graduated from NMU with a BS in Zoology. She was named NMU’s Outstanding Graduating Senior in Biology. She just got accepted into the PhD program in the Ecology Department of the University of Georgia. She will be doing her research on Eco-toxicology and it’s effect on the American alligator at the Savannah River Ecology lab in South Carolina. The doctors and staff wish Emily all the best as she enters a new stage of her professional journey. We look forward to hearing about her future successes!