COVID 19 Update (11/1/20)

Good news for the doctors and staff at Northern Veterinary Associates! As you know, we have been waiting for COVID test results on our staff, after one employee became ill on October 11th. All tests have come back negative, and no one has exhibited signs of the illness. We have worked with the Marquette County Health Department, and have followed their recommendations in order to keep our employees and clients safe.

We are now able to resume the business schedule that we have been following since the start of the pandemic. We will continue to do curb-side service, as recommended by the CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association. Our staff continues to be diligent and follow all recommendations in order to keep our facility free of any potential contamination. Keep in mind this is being done to ensure we all stay safe and do everything we can to bring an end to this problem.

We are happy to be able to resume our schedule. As always, we are dedicated to serving all of our client’s and patient’s needs. We look forward to seeing you soon.