COVID-19 Staff Recharge Weekend

These are the faces of dedication and commitment. Northern Veterinary Associates has always been blessed with veterinarians and support staff that go over and above for our clients and patients. There has been no better example of this than during the COVID-19 Pandemic. NVA has not closed its doors during the entire quarantine period. The doctors and staff have felt that it is crucial that we remain open so we can be available when an emergent need arises, and to continue our Wellness Exams and Protocols in order to keep our patients protected against preventable illnesses.

The typical work day at a veterinary clinic is very fast paced. Since the quarantine, we have been faced with more stressful conditions due to the combination of periodic short-staff situations, increased numbers of appointment requests, and the need to continue with curb-side service. Our staff has been asked to perform under very challenging circumstances, but it is no surprise that they have stepped up and have done everything to ensure our patients continue to receive the high level of care that we take pride in.

In order to support and show appreciation to our staff, we are giving them a well deserved three-day weekend so they can rest, recover, and spend some quality time with their families. Our office will close at 9 am on Friday, August 21st, and will reopen at 9 am on Monday, August 24th.

Dr. Ed Brauer, from the Marquette Veterinary Clinic, has agreed to cover our emergency service during this weekend. We have supported each other in the past, and NVA has complete trust in the service that Dr. Brauer will provide for our clients and patients.If you have any concerns during this weekend, please call his office at (906) 249-1456, or his emergency pager at (920) 264-9122.

We appreciate the understanding and patience of our valued clients, and we look forward to continuing our dedication and commitment to you and your furry family members.

Drs. Scott Jandron and Susan Cannon

Owners, Northern Veterinary Associates