Communication is the Key to Success

Welcome to the new website for Northern Veterinary Associates! The Doctors and staff are excited to launch this new window to our world! This site will give both our medical team and our clients the opportunity to better serve our beloved family pets. Our mission statement has always been based on the premise that our pets contribute to our physical and emotional well-being. Because of this, we owe them the highest quality medical and surgical services available.

We also continue to hold a firm belief that the pet owner is a crucial part of the “medical team”. Just like any team, communication is the key to success. When everyone is following the same game plan, success is the end result. First, we wanted to introduce you to our team members. Each and every one of our staff members plays an important part in keeping true to our mission. Over the past 12+ years since we opened our doors, we have put together a staff that includes the most caring, compassionate, and hardworking individuals who are focused on the well-being of each and every pet that enters our door. For that reason, we wanted to include a biography on each employee, so you can get a feel for their background and why they chose the profession they did. We are truly blessed to have such an outstanding team!

Second, we will use this site to introduce our clients to the medical and surgical services provided by NVA. Many of you are already aware of what we offer, but others will be amazed at the extensive services available. Services range from preventative care to internal medicine and surgery. Many clients will also be surprised at the variety of animal species we treat! The doctors on staff continue to further their education on the newest technologies and treatment protocols to maintain the high standard we set so many years ago.

Third, we chose Elegant Seagulls to create this website with us. They are a local firm that is based out of Marquette. They were an obvious choice when we began this project. Elegant Seagulls holds a passion for our Yooper traditions and are dedicated to helping us serve our clients with cutting edge media technology. When we explained to their staff how critical client service and education are to us, they responded with an outstanding plan to allow us to accomplish our goals. We consider Elegant Seagulls a significant“non-traditional” part of the NVA Team!

Lastly, this website is definitely a work in progress. The biggest thing we learned, as we built this website, is it cannot be a static tool for us. Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine is constantly evolving and new ideas are always coming forward. Because of this, we will strive to keep this site fresh, exciting, and beneficial to our valued clients and patients. We are currently talking about a few surprises already! So stay tuned, and come join us for the ride!

Scott R. Jandron, DVM
Susan M. Cannon, DVM
Co-Owners, Northern Veterinary Associates